Southern Style Cookbook

My cookbook is over Southern style dishes that specifically incorporate the ingredient potatoes. It covers categories touching soups and salads, main entrees, and even desserts that would be great for the holidays! The book was originally dedicated to a personal chef I knew in the past and even includes a short verbal and physical description of a variety of the potatoes used in the given recipes. The sketches and the cover in the book are illustrated by me, while the photography comes from outside sources. The recipes are quick and easy to prepare and the sweet potatoes are used creatively for sweets that are perfect for causal family gatherings or special occasions. The book is perfect bound with glue and has a clear dust jacket for protection.

The beginning of my process started with researching about potatoes and finding images that would overall set the tone of my cookbook. My color palette originally leaned more towards blue and yellows, until eventually I looked at the variety of colors involved with different potatoes. I ended up choosing muddy, organic colors, such as green and keeping the form of yellow, while eventually picking a beautiful plant that grows potatoes as the focal point of my cookbooks cover. 

Here are some sketches of the images that were used in the potato glossary that are included towards the end of the cookbook. These were drawn with ink and scanned into illustrator.

The dividers in the cookbook are printed on yellow sunflower paper with sketches related to the theme of the content matter. The sketches that you seen above were hand drawn with ink and sharpie and then scanned and printed.