Letter Press “R”

The goal of my letter press project was to create a story based mostly with words starting by a random letter, which for me was the letter “r” and then to create a visual aesthetic for the story. My theme turned out a bit ridiculous and fantasy based, with the images consisting of a hybrid character of a rat and a angry greek looking God, as well as some stars and constellations.  A rich navy blue and a maroon based red, along with some black was used for the colors. 

These are the pieces ordered specifically from a company that I had to send my file to, containing all my images and words. I had to cut  the pieces and rearrange them back to the actual composition when it was time to print. 

This is the process before the inking of the composition and after when I was getting ready to work on the first layer, which were the blue colors. I used a mockup as an example to remember the placement of my composition pieces.