The Media-Mark Making is a collaborative video to teach the audience how to experiment with a variety of unconventional tools to create marks of expression. My role was to provide supplies, concept and camera detail.  I edited using Adobe After Effects and Audition. Some items created were edible, such as lemons and beets. Other items were a bit messier, such as fire and bubbles. The completed video conveys an intimate and nostalgic poetic moment that captures an artist working in their creative space.


The Express app sends special occasion cards customized through multiple ways with easy to use technology. The messages can be sent through text or voice recording, all through a phone or even email. It can be connected to Wi-Fi and allows for the card to be printed. The idea is to make someone feel special, but with the benefit of not having to go a store to buy a physical card. The app saves contacts so sending a card is even easier. You can even purchase stamps and mail them to a physical address.