“Design Abundance” Pop-Up Shop

WIth the brand “Design Abudance”, the designer comes from a giving place, holding the idea that we all as a community can provide one another with plenty of abundance and well being in life, including providing others with artwork and supplies. Design abundance provides neccisities for schools or jobs, to organize tasks, crafted with intricate designs that can make for a elegant and useful gift. Unique with our thoughtful gestures, the design represents the complexities of life coming together from abstract elements and allowing what comes and goes to flow. This is a kind company that targets college students, teachers, employees/managers and anyone who loves to stay organized but wants a visual flare to stand out with their everyday object.

This was how the logo was first designed. I knew I enjoyed scripture font a lot so I wanted to go for something elegant and flowey. 

Here are some business cards, displaying the front and the back and a folder being used a prototype for the types of stylistic supplies the brand offers. I enjoyed having bold contrast in my design aethestics.