The Southern Style Potato Cookbook incorporates dishes inspired by the warm comforting Southern feel of dishes made from a variety of potatoes that are perfect for any occasion. Categories include soups and salads, main entrees and even dessert! Hand illustration compliment appetizing photography of the end result. A potato glossary gives details and history of the potatoes used. The book is perfect bound with colors inspired by the natural colors of potatoes. 


The Dr. Seuss book covers are inspired by the original collection of the children stories themselves. The main focus of this project is to create the main type by exercising hand-lettering treatment. The title is script-like, conveying a loose style but not too child-like either. Consistent with each book, the illustrations are based off of an object related to the individual story, that enwrap themselves around the text.


The Bonsai Field Guide book is an introduction to the cultural aspects of where Bonsai trees origniated from. This book is perfect for a quick read in learning the numerous varities of Bonsai trees there are and providing information on their symbolism, based off of colors and shape of the plant. The book also gives some insight into how to maintain these types of plants, and whether they are better off indoors or out. It’s informative, with colorful hand-painted images.